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Food service institutions spend
over $125 BILLION
on food each year.

Imagine if these dollars went toward food that promotes healthy and thriving communities, good jobs, local producers, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare.

We can build a food system that serves our health and wellbeing.

Our food system touches everyone and everything. There is growing public awareness that a healthy food system is central to the health of our communities, environment, and economies and is essential for our resilience to future crises and pandemics.

Institutional food purchasing is a powerful lever for change.

Public food service institutions like schools, hospitals, and jails spend billions of dollars to feed millions of people every year. These institutions are part of a growing movement to buy and serve better food. In the past eight years, leaders across the country have made remarkable accomplishments and innovations.

Policy can drive this change.

Cities across the country are advancing a range of policies to achieve their climate, health, and equity goals. Recognizing the food system’s wide reach, they are making commitments, developing strategies, and adopting policies to invest public dollars in the public good.

Join the national movement to bring good food policies to your city.

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See how cities are making a difference.

Cities across the country have adopted The Center for Good Food Purchasing’s Good Food Purchasing Program and passed their own policies to help reach their 2030 goals.