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The Power of Institutional Purchasing

Public institutions like school districts, universities, hospital systems, correctional facilities, municipal parks, and aging services have enormous purchasing power, spending billions of dollars every year on food. Through transformative policies that align these public food dollars with key values, cities can drive large-scale market shifts that create benefits across their regions, building a healthier food system for people, animals, and the planet.

A Values-Based Framework for Food Purchasing

The food system we envision is possible. To get there, we must collectively act with courage, conviction, and a shared vision. Explore the benefits to your community of implementing these key food purchasing strategies.

Grow Local Jobs & Wages

Investing in local food creates jobs and strengthens local economies.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Promoting climate-friendly diets reduces environmental impact and supports sustainable food production.

Decrease Health Risks & Healthcare Costs

Serving culturally relevant, nutritious meals is a critical part of advancing health equity and can reduce healthcare costs.

Empower a Valued Workforce

Purchasing from businesses that respect workers’ rights to bargain collectively for safe and fair jobs supports the health and wellbeing of food workers, from farm to fork.

Improve Animal Welfare

Buying plant-based foods and animal products that prioritize welfare reduces the harm to farm animals.

Advance Equity, Accountability, and Transparency

Adopting intentional practices in contracting, goal-setting, and reporting can promote equity, supply chain transparency, and accountability.

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