About the Hub

About The Good Food Impact Hub

The Good Food Impact Hub helps people explore the impacts of bringing good food policies to their cities and counties. By connecting the dots between our good food values, principles, and policies, users can see how shifting food purchases at their public institutions can help tackle some of our most urgent issues—including climate impact, labor practices, and public health.

If you are a policymaker, advocate, or institutional food leader, you can use the Impact Hub to calculate how food purchasing can impact your communities, environments, and health costs, and learn how these shifts can also benefit essential food workers, animal welfare, and advance equity. Then, you can find support to communicate these benefits to stakeholders and see real-life examples to get started on your own policies.

Good Food Values & Principles

A healthy food system is built on core values and principles that enable the wellbeing of all people, animals, and their environments. The Good Food Purchasing Program provides a model for schools, hospitals, and other large institutions to uplift these values through their food procurement decisions.

  • Support local, diverse, family- and cooperatively-owned food businesses to improve economic resiliency and community prosperity.

  • Source from producers using sustainable practices to ensure food production protects our ecosystems for current and future generations.

  • Prioritize culturally-relevant, high-quality, and nutritious food that promotes health equity.

  • Ensure that food suppliers respect workers’ rights to freedom of association and to bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions, free from reprisal.

  • Purchase from producers that provide higher-welfare conditions for farm animals and/or reduce the total volume of animal products sourced, for a less and better approach.

  • Center food system transformation on investment in—and justice for—Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities. Encourage supply chain transparency so institutions can be accountable to their commitments.

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Who We Are

The Good Food Impact Hub was built by the Center for Good Food Purchasing in partnership with the Institute for People, Place & Possibility, and made possible through the support of The Rockefeller Foundation.

The Center for Good Food Purchasing uses the power of procurement to create a transparent and equitable food system for people, animals, and the planet. We do this by helping major institutions nationwide adopt and implement the Good Food Purchasing Program. The Center works with national partners, local grassroots coalitions, and institutions to shift toward values-based purchasing from farm to fork, and build a cohesive network movement in support of more resilient and equitable food systems.

In addition to the project team at the Center for Good Food Purchasing, we thank the experts who provided input and feedback on methodology and design. Additional thanks to partners BonkeyBong, LOACOM, Lydia Hooper Consulting, Nora Gilbert, and Seabourne Consulting.

The Good Food Impact Hub was made possible by

Additional thanks to the other funders who support the Center.

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