Empower a Valued Workforce

Farm and food chain workers have the right to freedom of association and to bargain collectively for livable wages and healthy and safe working conditions. When institutions purchase from suppliers that are grounded in principles of workers’ rights, cooperative ownership, democratic decision-making, and migrant, racial, and gender justice, they help ensure that food workers can live and work with dignity.


  • Adopt a living wage policy

    Providing workers with a living wage increases financial stability and resilience for employees and employers.

  • Prioritize farmworkers’ rights

    Ensuring suppliers respect farmworkers’ right to organize protects workers who have been historically exempt from federal labor laws.

  • Implement a vendor code of conduct

    A code of conduct that guarantees workers' rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining empowers food chain workers to gain better wages and working conditions for themselves.


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Real-World Examples

New York Ensures Equitable Housing and Safer Working Conditions for Farmworkers

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